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I understand Reding’s reluctance-and her frustration. I don’t like quotas either; they run counter to my belief in meritocracy, government by the capable. Bur, when one considers the obstacles to achieving the meritocratic ideal, it does look as if a fairer world must be temporarily ordered.
After all, four decades of evidence has now shown that corporations in Europe as the US are evading the meritocratic hiring and promotion of women to top position— no matter how much “soft pressure ” is put upon them. When women do break through to the summit of  corporate power--as, for example, Sheryl Sandberg recently did at Facebook—they attract massive attention precisely because they remain the exception to the rule.
If appropriate pubic policies were in place to help all women---whether CEOs or their children’s caregivers--and all families, Sandberg would be no more newsworthy than any other highly capable person living in a more just society.
36. In the European corporate workplace, generally_____.
[A] women take the lead                          [B] men have the final say
[C] corporate governance is overwhelmed          [D] senior management is family-friendly
37. The European Union’s intended legislation is ________.
[A] a reflection of gender balance               [B] a reluctant choice
[C] a response to Reding’s call                 [D] a voluntary action
38. According ti Reding, quotas may help women ______.
[A] get top business positions                   [B] see through the glass ceiling
[C] balance work and family                [D] anticipate legal results
39. The author’s attitude toward Reding’s appeal is one of _________.
[A] skepticism          [B] objectiveness         [C] indifference          [D] approval
40. Women entering top management become headlines due to the lack of ______.
[A] more social justice                    [B] massive media attention
[C] suitable public policies               [D] greater “soft pressure”
Part B
You are going to read a list of headings and a text. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-F for each numbered paragraph (41-45).Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET1. (10 points)
[A] Live like a peasant            [B] Balance your diet         [C] Shopkeepers are your friends
[D] Remember to treat yourself   [E] Stick to what you need    [F] Planning is evervthing
[G] Waste not, want not
The hugely popular blog the Skint Foodie chronicles how Tony balances his love of good food with living on benefits. After bills, Tony has ?60 a week to spend, ?40 of which goes on food, but 10 years ago he was earning ?130,000 a I year working in corporate communications and eating at London's betft restaurants'" at least twice a week. Then his marriage failed, his career burned out and his drinking became serious. "The community mental health team saved my life. And I felt like that again, to a certain degree, when people responded to the blog so well. It gave me the validation and confidence that I'd lost. But it's still a day-by-day thing." Now he's living in a council flat and fielding offers from literary agents. He's feeling positive, but he'll carry on blogging - not about eating as cheaply as you can - "there are so many people in a much worse state, with barely any money to spend on food" - but eating well on a budget. Here's his advice for economical foodies.
Impulsive spending isn't an option, so plan your week's menu in advance, making shopping lists for your ingredients in their exact quantities. I have an Excel template for a week of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop laughing: it's not just cost effective but helps you balance your diet. It's also a good idea to shop daily instead of weekly, because, being-human, you'll sometimes change your mind about what you fancy.
This is where supermarkets and thci; anonymity come in handy. With them,
there's not the same embarrassment as when buying one carrot in a little
greengrocer. And if you plan properly, you'll know that you only need, say, 350g
of shin of beef and six rashers of bacon, not whatever weight is pre-packed in the
supermarket chiller.
You may proudly claim to only have frozen peas in the freezer - that's not
good enough. Mine is filled with leftovers, bread, stock, meat and fish. Planning
ahead should eliminate wastage, but if you have surplus vegetables you'll do a
vegetable soup, and all fruits threatening to "go off' will be cooked or juiced.
Everyone says this, but it really is a top tip for frugal eaters. Shop at butchers,
delis and fish-sellers regularly, even for small things, and be super friendly. Soon
you'll feel comfortable asking if they've any knuckles of ham for soups and stews,
or beef bones, chicken carcasses and fish heads for stock which, more often than
not, Theyil let you have for free.     
You won't be eating out a lot, but save your pennies and once every few
months treat yourself to a set lunch at a good restaurant - ?1.75 a week for three
months gives you ?21 - more than" enough for a three-course lunch at
Michelin-starred Arbutus. It's $16.95 there - or $12.99 fo

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